Brooke Morrow grew up in Tasmania and New South Wales in Australia where there are many critters, some are pets and some are not. Brooke had a Yorkshire Terrier named Tidbitz that had long hair, low to the ground and very mischievous. He would get fleas and then hot spots especially in the summer months. Baths, dips, shaving him and special collars worked only temporally if at all. Brooke learned that light, movement, gravity, warmth and host odor attracted fleas and other skin critters to dogs, cats even rabbits. Host odor being the only attraction that could be controlled, prompted her to find the right kind of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to nourish Tidbitz’s skin and fur from the inside out. She mixed Protein, Vitamins and other 100% natural human grade ingredients into Tidbitz’s meals. In a few weeks there was a noticeable difference in Tidbitz’s hair. After six weeks Tidbitz’s hair was silky soft, doggie smell was gone, fleas, ticks nor hotspots ever returned! Brooke went on to have 17 more dogs in her life and they all had super-soft, smell-good, critter-free fur! We have converted her super Furmula’™ into pills to make it easy to give your critter the right amount of FurBetter™!

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